Operating System Tune-up / Upgrade


A PTP Agent will remotely find and remove unnecessary software, optimize your web browser, perform any operating system updates and/or upgrades (cost for any OS upgrades not included), install one security software application (cost of software not included), and make sure your operating system is running at peak performance.*



  • We will remove programs and shortcuts you do not want, and configure start-up items and services to best suit your needs.
  • We’ll also install critical updates for your operating system.
  • We’ll set your favorite web browser as the default and configure the default home page and search engine.
  • We’ll also remove out-of-date browser plug-ins, and install new ones at your request.
  • We’ll activate security software and register it for your computer. (Security software sold separately.)
  • We’ll perform other tune-up related tasks as necessary.

*This is a remote service, performed by a PTP Agent over the Internet. It does not include operating system issues or virus removal.